Hi mates! It looks like Apple not only released iPhone 11 on its event last September 10, but also iPad and smartwatch called Apple Watch Series 5. What’s new of Apple latest smartwatch? Is it worth to buy? Let’s talk about it then!

Apple Watch Series 5 brings some new features, its top feature is Always-on display. This feature makes the smartwatch always stays visible even when you don’t touch or lift it. Please don’t worry about running out of battery, because Apple claimed that Watch Series 5 can be used for about 18 hours, wow!

Apple Watch Series 5
Source: macrumors

Apple using Low Temperature Poly-crystalline Oxide (LTPO) Panel which can dim the brightness dynamically to save power. Therefore instead of limiting the display usage to extend battery life, the Series 5 ‘force’ users to use the smartwatch limitlessly. This technology is the latest comparing the previous series. It means there is no Always-on display feature on the Series 4.

On the other hand, Watch Series 5 has a lot of medical features such as Electrocardiogram, fall detector, SOS call, and so on. For SOS call, you have to click the button on the side of the device. The Vice President of the Product Marketing Apple Watch, Stan Ng promised that the emergency/ SOS call in Series 5 can be delivered in 150 international languages. 

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From the design look, Watch Series 5 is using OS called WatchOS 6 which comes from some of the material options such as stainless steel, titanium, and ceramic. The price of the Series 5 is about 399 USD or 5,6 million IDR for the GPS variant and about 499 USD or 7 million IDR for the GPS+cellular variant. 

Thus, is the Apple Watch Series 5 worth to buy? Well, in my personal opinion, there is no significant progress in Series 5. I admit that the Always-on display is the latest and fresh feature, it is never happened in its predecessor. Yet, I think that is secondary. The primary is like the design, battery life, and display size. So my answer is nope, forgive me Apple.

Besides if you think that its new features is helping and interesting, you have to own it then!

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