Do you ever play Mobile Legends match and lose because your teammate is AFK (Away From Keyboard)? It is ‘suck moment’ for sure, your winning chance is low or maybe impossible. Yet, there is a way to prevent your star from disappearing by triggering Invalid Mobile Legends match. Then, how is the way to do it? 

Invalid Mobile Legends Match
Source: blibliblogs

Before you trigger invalid Mobile Legends match, you have to make sure whose player is AFK. Actually, as far as I know, there are three signs to know it. First, the AFK player usually not choose hero in Pick Hero segment. Then, the second is, although the player has chosen hero, in loading screen, his loading bar is still 0% even when the game is starting, damn.

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And the last sign is, although everything goes right, when the match is starting there is a player who is not moving from the base. When this has happened, the bot will take away this AFK player unless you command it to stay in base.

Thus, after there is an idle player, all team members must stay quiet in the base, why?

Because all of you have to prevent First Blood in 3 minutes. This is the key to trigger an invalid match. Because even just one hero died or there is First Blood killed by enemy heroes, the match become valid and you will lose your star. On the other hand, if your hero died because of minions, tower, or monsters, there is still a chance to trigger an invalid match.

Invalid Mobile Legends Match
Source: gridgames

After 3 minutes staying in base area, the system will offer ‘initiate a surrender vote’ and all of you must vote surrender. No excuses for that! Afterwards, your team succeeds to trigger invalid Mobile Legends match, congratulation!

That’s the trick to save your star when there are AFK players. Easy peasy lemon squeezy like a piece of cake, yeah?

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