You might be wondering, why did I say that Virtual Reality or VR Technology will be your biggest needs? Well, I simply said that it becomes important for mankind. It can be useful for various fields such as health, military, and so on.

Before we go further, we have to be in the same frequency about Virtual Reality Technology. What is Virtual Reality Technology exactly? Well, Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology using a computing program creating an immersed 3D environment. This technology is able to simulate vision, hearing, touch, even smell.

Thus let’s approach 5 fabulous reasons why this technology becomes important, the fifth is magical for sure!

1. Take Immortalizing Memories To The Next Level

VR Technology
Source: thecut

Do you like recording and watching your old footage? Did you ever expect that your memories a long time ago can be reviving using VR Technology? Well, sure can do!

By combining 360 camera and VR, you could snap 360-degree videos when you were on vacation, graduation, and other exciting memories. You can capture everything using 360 camera and revive it using Virtual Reality. You can relive your immortalizing memories as if you were there, outstanding!

2. Hold A Business Meeting In A Flash

VR Technology
Source: wsj

If you are an entrepreneur or a professional, you often hold business meetings with your clients or partners. It is a lot of stuff to be prepared. You have to prepare a meeting room, your dress, properties, ugh! Not convenient at all.

Yet, everything becomes simple if you are using VR Technology to hold a business meeting. If your meeting is casual, you can user Bigscreen App. This app allows users to collaborate and hang out together, including having a business meeting. If you want to focus only on business app, you can use Rumii designed for official business meeting instead of a casual meeting. 

Do you want to hold a business meeting in a flash? It is completely possible!

3. Hidden Gem for Digital Marketing

VR Technology
Source: thenextweb

Every platform created, an opportunity appeared as well, especially for digital marketing. The New York Times, for example, they started a digital marketing campaign using a subscription method, and that worked so well!

Are you worried about the trend rate of this channel? Don’t worry at all! It is predicted that the VR industry would have hit about $33.90 billion by 2022. Not just that, other data said that 62% of consumers say they would feel more engaged with a brand that sponsors a VR experience, and 71% of consumers perceive a brand that uses virtual reality as forward-thinking. That is why VR will be a brilliant channel to promote products.

If you are a business owner or maybe a digital marketer, you have to try this VR technology promotion channel for sure!

4. Great Therapy 

Source: verywellmind

Are you afraid of high? Or maybe have extreme anxiety? No worries, Virtual Reality Technology may cure your phobias and anxiety disorders!

The traditional form of therapy for phobias and anxiety disorders have been effective, yet to treat certain types of specific phobias, sessions may need to be held in public. Therefore risking patient confidentiality and the occurrence of uncontrollable circumstances or additional expenses such as travel to reach a destination. In order to solve those issues, VR Technology called Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRET) can be a great assist for therapists around the world.

For example, Acrophobia (fear of heights) can implement VRET to approach high buildings or other situations related to heights. Of course VRET must be done by a professional therapist to control unexpected situations. Yet, using VRET, you can do therapy privately, reduce expenses and uncontrollable situations. Great, isn’t it?

5. Life-Safer Technology

Source: standfordchildren

Learning heart defects is very complicated and hard. Future doctors and student must buy expensive models and textbooks to learn complex heart defects, yet, the visualization is run-of-the-mill. Thus, VR Technology makes the complexity gone, there is where the magic happens!

David Sarno, founder of Lighthaus Inc., has opened an international pilot program for the Stanford Virtual Heart at 20 pediatric cardiac centers and educational institutions around the world, including Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

Doctors, students, and even young patients can use VR headset and handheld remote controls to virtualize heart. They can see the heart in 3D and observe every part of it in detail. David said anatomy is a lot easier to perceive and understand when you can see and interact with a living virtual body. it brings medical education to life. Well, can’t agree more!

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