There is good news for podcasters and podcast lovers because Spotify will release ‘Create Podcast’ Feature, wow! Imagine that you can create and listen to fresh podcast contents such as comical channel, education channel, business channel, and so on with a delightful cup of coffee, just using Spotify. It is addicting, right?

The rumor about Spotify’s ‘Create Podcast Button’ feature is started from Jane Wong, The Technology Analysis. She posted on Twitter that Spotify is testing ‘Create Podcast’ button and create promo page in Brazil version. She also said in another Tweet that Spotify has been release international promo page.

This ‘Create Podcast’ feature will facilitate podcasters to create their own podcast channels on Spotify using the third application, Anchor. It is also reported that Anchor has been being acquisition by Spotify. So, ‘Create Podcast’ feature will increase traffic and new podcasters to Anchor. Such a great marketing strategy.

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Do you know about Anchor? Well, I will give a brief information about it. An anchor is an application which can record a podcast with numerous people as easily as making a phone call. You can also publish your podcast across all the major podcasting sites and Spotify for sure with only one click. Great, isn’t?

Spotify Create Podcast
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Not just Anchor, Spotify also bought podcast studio Gimlet Media, digital media company and podcast network which is focused on producing narrative podcasts and creators of the popular Reply All internet culture podcast. So, Spotify will make a great promotion about Podcast contents, I am so curious by now!

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You can access the ‘Create Podcast’ button by going to ‘Your Library’, afterward go to ‘Podcast’ menu, then in ‘Shows’ section, you will find ‘Create Podcast’ button. But you can’t find it now because it is still not released yet. Spotify is not confirming when ‘Create Podcast’ feature will be released. Well, can’t wait for that!

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