Do you know the well-known respawn’s battle royale, Apex Legends? I’m sure you know it. Again, many latest Apex Legends characters are leaked by Youtuber named The Gaming Merchant, Jericho is one of them. Then, here is all you must know about Apex Legends character Jericho.

Jericho who is called The Frontline is not only hard to kill, yet he has great defensive passive and tactical abilities as well insanely offensive ultimate. He seems to be the most powerful upcoming Apex Legends character! So, what’re his abilities? 

Apex Legends Character Jericho
Source: dexerto
  • Potential Passive Ability: Ballistic Shield Protection
  • Potential Tactical Ability: Ballistic Shield 
  • Potential Ultimate Ability: Shield-Breaker Javelins

Wow, his abilities are all about shield! So, his passive ability called Ballistic Shield Protection can protect your back from fire and attack. Yet it is still unclear about deployment time and another detail about his passive. 

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Afterward, his tactical ability called Ballistic Shield can activate a full-body shield that protects you from incoming fire. So you are like immune of any fire. That is why Jericho potentially becomes the Apex Legends character having high survivability. 

Apex Legends Character Jericho
Source: dexerto

Finally the ultimate ability called Shield-Breaker Javelins throw two electrically charged javelins that burn through enemy body shields. Jericho can become the most offensive character using this ultimate ability. He can kill an enemy in an instant if he is geared correctly. Well, that’s awful for his enemies!

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Besides Jericho, there are other characters that will be released such as Crypto The Surveillance Expert, Blisk the Elite Mercenary, Rampart The Base Of Fire, and Immortal The Shield Support.

However, all of the information is collected from a development game, so there is still a possibility of any change. Then, when will Jericho be released? Well. Apex Legends development studio, Respawn Entertainment still give no clues about the date. Yet they said that Jericho will be released in the near future, just be patient, mates!

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