What a surprise! Every PlayStation fans must be freaking out because PS5 design is leaked by a source from Dutch. The design is created by Sony’s Technical Director, Yasuhiro Ootori. Then who is Yasuhiro Ootori? Before you judge the design, you have to know about Yasuhiro Ootori and the main reason why he creates the design of PS5.

PS5 Design
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Yasuhiro Ootori is the man behind PS4 design which was released on February 9, 2014. His main focus of the PS4 design is airflow & cooling, also heat management system on the PS4. He said in his lecture at the INTERNEPCON Japan trade show in Tokyo that the heat management design on PS4 is more efficient than the previous PS series. And then nowadays there are some rumours that PS5 heat management design is twice better than PS4.

Indeed if you see the design thoroughly, it has wider space on the side kit as airflow circulation. So I believe that he designed it with one big reason. Yet I also agree that the V-shaped design of PS5 is anti-mainstream and unique, different from the prior design which is square-shaped.

PS5 Design
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Thus, Matthew Stott who is working as senior artist in Codemasters unofficially confirmed on Twitter that the PS5 design is the final design of PS5 and the device was the PlayStation 5 development kit.

In an instant, PlayStation fans are in chaos. Some fans said that the design looks ugly. Yet also some said that it is stunning. Afterward, several days later, Matthew Stott’s post on Twitter is disappeared. There is speculation that Sony reached out to Stott to delete his post. 

PS5 Design
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Until now, there is still unclear if the design is the final or not. Yet, Sony PlayStation’s Lead Architect and console producer, Mike Cerny, officially stated that PS5 could launch in 2020. It will be geared with AMD Ryzen chip, and GPU from Radeon Navi-family. It will support 8K video, as well come with SSD storage. Cool, isn’t it?

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So, please let me know in the comment below, is the new PS5 design stunning or ugly?


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