September is such a happy Month for Mobile Legends players. Because on September, 7 Mobile Legends cool skins will be released, wow! Are you curious now? Don’t worry, I will show you the list of 7 Mobile Legends skins that will be released in September and how to get them!

1. Masha’s Skin – Winter Guard

Mobile Legends Skins
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Masha, The Wild Oats Fist, is the latest Hero from Mobile Legend that will be released on the next September 17th. She is the Fighter Hero having high durability and damage and you can play it in the advanced server by now. You can buy Masha for 32,000 BP or 599 Diamond, and you can buy her paid Skin for 269 Diamonds or 188 Diamonds on the first week. Affordable, isn’t it?

2. Guinevere’s Skin – Lotus

Mobile Legends Skins
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The next released skin is from Fighter/ Mage Hero called Guinevere. After previously she got 2 skins which are normal and KOF (King of Fighter), finally she got the third, that is Starlight Member Skin named Lotus. You can get Guinevere’s skin Lotus by buying September’s Starlight Member started from First September.

3. Granger’s Skin – Doomsday Terminator

Mobile Legends Skins
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Granger is a Marksman Hero that’s often used by Mobile Legends players. Maybe that is why Moonton create new Elite Skin for him named Doomsday Terminator, cool! Doomsday Terminator will be released on September 3rd yet it is unclear how to get this skin, between spending diamond or finishing event. But I predict that you can get it by spending 599 Diamonds, or 419 Diamonds on the first Week.

4. Kadita’s Skin – White Robin

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Kadita is adapted from Indonesian Mythology famously called Nyi Roro Kidul. Well, Kadita is the Mage Hero that’s very useful in the war, and you will get her new Elite Skin named White Robin. You can get this skin by spending 749 Diamonds or 569 Diamonds on the first week.

5. Leomord’s Skin – Inferno Soul

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Leomord finally will has Epic Skin named Inferno Soul, amazing! If we see further, Leomord is the hero who have almost complete Skins such as Special, Starlight, and now he has Limited-time Event Epic Skin! You can get Inferno Soul by playing Lucky Box and will be released on September 7th.

6. Lunox’s Skin – Libra

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After last May Lunox Starlight Member’s Skin released, this time she got a new one, again. This time, she got Zodiac Skin which is limited-time event. You must do Zodiac Summon event and spend for about 300 Diamonds until 1,400 Diamonds, try your luck!

7. Lesley’s Skin – Angelic Agent

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Lesley is one of famous agile Marksman who has awesome ultimate skill called Ultimate Snipe. She is not just a Marksman, but also an Assassin. Thus she got her Legend Skin on September named Angelic Agent, fabulous!

Her newest Skin is designed as the beautiful angelic pirates agent riding in the pirates ship, that is awesome! You can get this skin by twisting Magic Wheel and will spend 14,000 Diamonds.

Well, are you ready to buy all of those skins? If you are the Sultan, why not?

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