Gamescom, the biggest game theme event in Europe, was held this year in Cologne, Germany. It has been held on August 20 to August 24, 2019. Gamescom, in addition to exhibiting the latest games by game developers and releasing updates and game developments, also held an awarding event for video game industry.

Note that in this event, not only famous games are presented, but also technologies that supported the game, both hardware and software. They also are included on the list of award nominations. Interestingly, this video game event gave many surprises, especially during the announcement of 2019 Gamescom Awards winners.


For example, as reported by Hitekno, the winner of the best game of the year at Gamescom 2019 Awards is Dreams. Dreams itself is a tool for game developers developed by Media Molecule and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Yes, Dreams is not a game but a tool for creating a game!

Surprising enough, right? Even Dreams beat a row of other famous games! Here is the complete list of winners of Gamescom 2019:

Best of Gamescom 2019: Dreams (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best Action-Adventure Game: Blacksad: Under the Skin (astragon Entertainment)
Best Action Game: DOOM Eternal (ZeniMax Germany)
Best Family Game: Concrete Genie (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best Racing Game: Grid (Codemasters)
Best Role-Playing Game: Wasteland 3 (Koch Media)
Best Simulation Game: Planet Zoo (Frontier)
Best Sports Game: Roller Champions (Ubisoft)
Best Strategy Game: Desperados III (THQ Nordic)
Best Multiplayer Game: Borderlands 3 (2K Games)
Best Ongoing Game: Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne (Capcom)
Best VR/AR Game: Marvel’s Iron Man VR (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best Hardware: Xbox Elite Controller 2 (Microsoft)
Most Original Game: Dreams (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Best PlayStation 4 Game: Dreams (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

In addition to that surprise at the award announcement, Gamescom, as already written above, also became a venue for announcing games that gamers might be waiting for.
For example, Death Stranding game made by Hideo Kojima after leaving Konami. At this event, HIdeo Kojima showcased the game’s development in long gameplay! Not just a cinematic trailer.


Atlus also announced their new game trailer, Persona 5 Royal. Don’t worry, because it’s confirmed that the game will launch in the English version. Fans of Japanese games must feel the difficulty of playing games with kanji characters, right?


In addition, Persona 5 Royal is actually an upgraded version of its RPG game, so this game is indeed a new game, not just an update added. As is the case with Persona 4. Persona 5 Royal is planned to be released in Japan on 31 October for the Japanese version.


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