House of Mario has confirmed that they have announced the launch date of the special Mario Kart Tour game. The game which was planned to be launched before March 2019, will now be present on 25 September! Woohoo, finally!

This news was conveyed by Nintendo of America through their official Twitter, @mariokarttourEN. In addition, on the official tweet, they have also opened pre-registration for this new game, which you can access via Playstore at the link
When it’s available, you will immediately be notified so that you can be the first to try out this exciting game.


Here are their official message on Twitter regarding the release date of the game:

Pre-registration for Mario Kart Tour is now available! For more details, please click here this link … #MarioKartTour will be available on 9/25. We hope you’re looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this new game!

Another good news is, reported by the Android Authority, this game seems to be present in more other countries, including Albania to Zimbabwe! Of course, Indonesia is most likely included.


Can’t wait to try it, right?
Looking back, it’s almost a year since Nintendo announced plans to release the Mario Kart series, a popular game on their console, into mobile mode. But such a long time is good enough, considering the graphics quality of this game. In addition, Nintendo can also ensure more bugs before the initial release, so they’ll no longer receive harsh criticism like when the launch of the first Mario mobile game, Super Mario Run.

For information, Android Authority also cited a statement from Nintendo that the results of its mobile game cannot match their gaming business in other consoles, where revenue from mobile games is only 2% compared to other consoles such as Switch, whose revisions have reached 90%.


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