The popularity of the battle royale game Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) is increasingly dominating the gaming industry. This time, they collab with famous game console companies, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 by bringing good news for its users, especially PUBG players.

In October, PUBG players on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms can meet and play with each other in that one game! This news has been confirmed by Microsoft, the Xbox One console manufacturer, at its Xbox Inside event at Gamescom. Of course, this cross-play system is only available for PUBG games on the Xbox One and PS4 platforms.


Reported by The Verge, with this news, PUBG is the latest game that applies the concept of cross-save and cross-play. Previously, two famous games Fortnite and Rocket League had implemented this with support from Sony. Reportedly, the game development studio Bungie will also implement the Destiny 2 game in the near future.

“Our first goal with cross-platform play is for 100 players from both console communities to play in the same match. Our second goal is to increase our matchmaking time, which we expect will be shorter because of the wider number of players and matchmaking, “said Cecilia Lee, Community Manager at PUBG Corporation, as reported by The Verge.

The test server for this cross-play will be completed by the end of September, and the regular PUBG server is expected to be ready in early October. Are you ready to get cross-platform PUBG experience?



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