Are you fans of the classic gardening simulation game, Harvest Moon? The game that comes from the PlayStation platform turns out to be able to play on your phone ….. officially!

Reporting from Hitekno, rumors about the presence of game that got a new title, Harvest Moon Online for mobile version has long been heard and it’s now ready to be launched on mobile phones with Android and iOS platform based by two game studios, Tencent and Marvelous.

This news was delivered on Tencent’s social media official Weibo along with a number of screenshots showing the game and it appears that the graphics are 3D. Are these pictures enough to restore your gardening spirit?


Previously, rumors of the game’s release had been heard by a number of leaked information, such as the quality of the graphics, which were like the original game, full of colors and filled with various cute characters.

Surely this is good news for fans of classic games and becomes a refresher in the middle of heavy gaming competitions such as MOBA, battle royale, and auto chess. Maybe it could also be a nostalgic talking of classic games with old friends.


What’s interesting in this game launch news is the presence of Marvelous as the developer of this game. This French development company is responsible for game development, art, and game production. while Tencent itself is responsible as a publisher.

But noted that Harvest Moon Online will be presented only in China for now. There is no further information about the release of the game for global, but certainly, if the game is successful in China, it is possible to release it to outside of China. Harvest Moon fans must be impatient, right?



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