Nowadays, the convenience of non-cash transactions has been widely applied by the community, known as the cashless society. Likewise in Indonesia, although it is not yet comprehensive to remote areas, recently the community seems familiar with the presence of a card with chips inside that can also be used to transact alongside cash.

The card is one form of chip-based electronic money. This form of electronic money is widely used as a mode of transaction in a number of public transportation, such as commuter trains, MRT, buses and paying toll fees. The problem is, when you use it, you certainly have to ensure the availability of funds on the card.


Indeed there is a special device to help check balances, or you can check it at an ATM, but of course, it is not simple. Especially if you have high mobility. Don’t worry, Detik provides practical tips to help you check your electronic money card balance practically! How is it?

Apparently, a number of smartphones have Near-Field Communication features a.k.a NFC that can help you. However, these tips from Detik only apply to Android-based phones with NFC features. The iPhone device actually has NFC but is reported to only be used on Apple Pay and currently does not exist in Indonesia. In addition, on an Android phone, you need an application to check the electronic card balance issued by several banks in Indonesia.


1. For Mandiri E-money users, you can download the “E-Money Info” and “Mandiri Online” applications. Should both? Then what’s the difference? E-Money Info can only check the remaining balance, while Mandiri Online can top up at once, because it is an M-banking application.

Checking your balance can be found in the E-Money menu, then stick the E-money card to the back of your phone and wait a while until the balance amount appears on the screen. Meanwhile, to top-up E-Money, you can log in to Mandiri Online, then select “E-Money”, then “Top-up E-Money”. Attach the E-money card to the back of the phone and wait for the new balance to appear on the screen.

2. For BNI Tap Cash card holders, you can download the application called BNI Tap Cash Go and check the remaining balance by attaching your TapCash card to the back of the phone. The process of updating the balance can indeed be done, but to top-up the remaining balance can only be done through ATM, EDC, or SMS Banking.

3. For BCA Flazz users, you can download the BCA Mobile application to check the balance. However, this application cannot allow you to top-up, as is the case with the TapCash BNI electronic card. To check the Flazz balance through the BCA Mobile application, select “Flazz Balance Info” from the main menu, then paste the card on the back of the phone. Top-up process can also only be done through ATMs, Top Up Center Flazz, EDC, and third party outlets which are quite widely available.


4. For the BRI Brizzi users, you can download the BRI Mobile application. To check the balance, select the “Brizzi” menu from the application’s main menu, then “Balance Info”. Similar to Mandiri E-Money, through this application, users can also top-up electronic cards! From the BRI Mobile main menu, select “Internet Banking”, then “Purchase”, then “Top up Online Brizzi”. Enter the card number and balance amount, confirm, then attach the Brizzi card to the back of the smartphone. Simple, right?

Then what if we don’t want to download the applications because we use more than one electronic card from the bank? Don’t worry, there is one application for you if you only want to check the balance of your cars, named the Electronic Money Card Balance application. 

The balance of electronic money from various banks can be checked directly through this one application. The method is simply by opening the application and attaching the card to the back of the phone. But remember, this application cannot do top-up. So, what do you think, do you prefer to cashless transactions or still with the old traditional way ?


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