The Verge writes that someone can even infiltrate our personal laptop without even touching it, or knowing its network address! It turns out that only with Logitech wireless mouse’s tiny USB receiver, other people can type in a line of code and display it on a laptop screen, even delete the hard drive or even worse, install malware to your laptop. Terrible, right?

Apparently, another threat to our valuable privacy and data is the wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech. Confusing, but it really exists. The Verge also confirmed from cybersecurity researcher Marcus Mengs who said that the Unifying dongle of Logitech wireless is indeed vulnerable to hacking, especially from the clicker device that commonly used for presentations, or when pairing dongles with a new mouse or keyboard.


Initially, it was felt impossible because it meant hackers had to take other people’s dongle to hack unless they were lucky enough. However, the MouseJack method is used and Logitech still sells USB dongles that are vulnerable to MouseJack hacking. The Verge mentions that the Logitech M510 is one that has a vulnerable dongle.

Then what is Logitech’s official statement about this?

So, it turns out that Logitech has never really recalled their products after hacking MouseJack in 2016. Logitech said they had evaluated the risks of business and consumers so they decided not to withdraw products that were already on the market and make improvements to their next production. In some cases, they’ll apply firmware updates.

But it’s not just Logitech. Reported by The Verge, devices from Dell, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft are also vulnerable because they both use chips and firmware from Nordic and Texas Instruments for receiver components.


At present, Logitech has been confirmed to update firmware on its unifying dongles so that they tend to be safer. Whereas in 2016, Logitech became a cheaper and easier replacement of $34 radio device for tapping and hacking, but with a shorter range.

It is possible that the remnants of the device that is still vulnerable to hacking are still on the market, so immediately update your mouse, keyboard, or clicker presentation on your wireless Logitech. Logitech confirmed that they will release several improvements in August.

Further explanation about this and Logitech confirmation can be found at the link which contains information for updating Logitech receiver. {lease check the following link and Let’s be more alert together!


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