Since August 2018, it turns out that Windows 10 has launched the application “Your Phone” which serves to display SMS notifications on our phones on the computer. Not only SMS, but we can also even access our mobile gallery via PC with this application.

Recently, Windows through its official Twitter account, @windowsinsider, said that the latest version of Your Phone can allow users to see any notifications that appear on mobile phones, whether Android-based or iOS based.  It is as if you have two phones with the same function as the presence of Your Phone on this PC.


You can access data that is generally accessed by phone, such as SMS, photos to various notifications that usually appear on your phone, directly through your desktop that uses OS Windows 10!

Then is it able to also reply the notification via the desktop? The answer is, not yet. The reply feature is currently available for SMS services only.

Recently, Windows is developing this feature so that users can immediately reply to these notifications via the desktop so that the phone and desktop will be connected in real time! Cool, isn’t it? Let’s wait for the development of this feature while trying out the latest version.


The following is how to use the Your Phone feature as reported by Kompas.

First, of course, you have to use Windows 10 on your desktop, then download the Your Phone application. This application can be found in the Windows Store. Don’t forget, you also have to download the Your Phone Companion application on your mobile, ok?  So that both devices can be connected to each other.


After that, please log in with the Microsoft account in each of your Phone applications, both on the desktop and on the mobile. Reported by Kompas, at this stage, Microsoft will guide users during the pairing process between mobile and desktop. Then, done!  After the pairing process, you can immediately see phone notifications via the PC on the Notification tab.

For information, the Notification tab will by default display phone notifications automatically if both devices have wifi or hotspot connections. So if you haven’t found this tab in the Your Phone application, then you have to wait a little longer, because Microsoft is launching this application gradually to each Windows 10 user.


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