Your phone is now like your home, so much privacy and valuable items in it. So that if your phone’s security is problematic, then your privacy security is also problematic. That small item turns out to be very valuable today, both the value of the goods and the value of the data in them.

But there is no need to worry about dragging on, we can maximize the protection of our phones by developing several strategies to avoid privacy theft. As summarized from Digital Trends, the following are among them.


Firstly, updating the OS and application turned out to be very important! You may have been bothered with a number of update notifications, but actually the update brings a lot of bug fixes and security enhancements.  Every time, hackers are getting smarter about unpacking our phone’s data, so many updates aim to counteract that. The more frequently updated and improved, the less risk of stolen data.


Don’t forget, using public wifi is also vulnerable to data theft! The wifi provider will be able to unload the data on your phone with the opening of the channel. Therefore, use a private cellular connection if possible and make sure the wifi and bluetooth on your phone are off whenever you’re outside. 

Locking your phone is now mandatory! Maybe you feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable because you have to re-enter various security codes whenever you want to access your phone, but this will be the first safeguard when your phone is not in your reach. At least, the first person who holds it will not be able to directly access everything on your phone.  Don’t hesitate to use 2 factor authentication (2FA) as an extra step.


Linear by locking the phone, installing a strong password on various accesses to your applications or devices also needs attention.  Make sure the password is really strong and is a combination form that not easy to solve. Also remember that setting the same password on various applications or devices should be avoided. Or, you can change your password at least every 6 months.

Keeping an eye on every access that you enter is nowadays an essential, either in the form of e-mail or application permissions. Of course this method is the easiest way to get full access to your phone. Always be aware of strange emails, especially financial ones. Talk to your financial institution regarding this.


Likewise when downloading the application, do not arbitrarily download from any link or use the Jailbreak facility, but make sure you download from the official license for example the Google Play Store or the App Store. Always activate the app permissions to avoid auto install of dangerous strange applications.

To get around the worst possibility, data backup is also very important and must be considered. Backup your data regularly so you can continue to access your data later. Regarding this possibility, also use Find My Apple or Find My Phone to minimize the possibility of cellphone data being hacked, because you can delete or reset data through the application even though it is remotely.


Stay alert and always ask questions and consult the official provider of services that you use to ensure their securities.


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